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An Easy Diet Dot Com is your one stop resource for weight loss tips and whole body health as influenced or regulated by what we eat. We do focus primarily on the science of weight loss; because excess weight has such an impact upon our overall health and well being.

But we also want to provide information and helpful tips about the other aspects of our well being – whole body health.

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Now; some information about weight gain and weight loss diets…

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Diets can’t be easy – we’ve heard that all of our lives – weight loss is just plain hard; if not down right impossible for the long term.

The truth is that diets were hard until science figured out exactly why we gain weight and exactly what we need to do in order to take it off.

(Read about the benefits of weight loss – click here)

The key to the matter is the physiological reality of how the body responds to dieting. The body is programmed to maintain – not to lose – once you put on some weight; any attempt to take it off causes an involuntary response by the body to conserve weight. Your efforts are perceived as a threat of starvation and the body will take action to slow that down.

No wonder diets have always been so hard and why most weight loss plans were doomed to fail; until now.

An easy diet has to be tailored to the specific needs of each individual; there is no “cookie cutter” diet that will work for everyone; that is why there are so many different plans out there today; the trick is finding the one that works for you.

Even though there is an easy diet that can work for pretty much everybody; your needs and your situation will dictate which ones you should try.

Some people just don’t like exercise or else can’t make the time for it; they need to try an easy diet plan that can keep the metabolism running in high gear without using exercise to do so.

One like this one:

an easy diet for how to lose weight fast without exercise

No exercise required

Other people have no problem with exercise – they just love food. That in itself isn’t the problem – the problem is that they love the wrong kinds of food. Even some foods that most people think are “healthy” will sabotage weight loss efforts at every turn. They raise blood sugar and create more food cravings that are really hard to resist. Those people need to learn what to eat and what to avoid in order to be successful; they need to try a diet like this one:

an easy diet fat burning kitchen picture

Burn Fat; not muscle!

Still other people don’t mind some exercise and they don’t mind trying to maintain a healthy eating program – they have their “eye on the prize” – they just need some guidance and a few tips on what type of an easy diet plan they should try.

One like this works well for people in that situation:

an easy diet truth about abs picture

Exercise and diet for superior results

In addition to losing weight; everybody needs to understand that some foods just aren’t good for us. They might not have immediate negative effects; but over a period of years they take a toll and can age us prematurely. Fortunately; there is a great and informative book from Mike Geary – a Certified Nutritionist and a Certified Personal Trainer that can teach us what foods to avoid to keep from looking and feeling old beyond our years.

You can see it here:

an easy diet foods that fight aging picture

Foods That Fight Aging

Another thing to remember is that weight loss doesn’t always mean the same thing as fat loss – you certainly don’t want to start a weight loss plan that causes you to metabolize lean muscle instead of fat. Developing and maintaining lean muscle is a powerful strategy when it comes to weight loss – toned muscles burn more calories and more fat even at rest than muscles that are flabby.

Read more about that here:

an easy diet do this burn fat picture

Burn fat; build muscle

And then there are diet supplements; I’m not a big fan of those; but I do know some people who swear by them. If their recent successes at weight loss are in fact due at least in part to using supplements then their point is well taken. I know a few people who are having good success with this one; I might even try it myself:

an easy diet raspberry keytone supplement picture

Weight Loss Supplements

There is such a thing as an easy diet; the choices are out there; maybe it is time for you to make yours?

You can’t go wrong; they are all…

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All are guaranteed to work

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