Diet For Fat Loss

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Diet For Fat Loss

Is there a diet for fat loss, I mean specifically for fat loss?

As some of you might guess, the answer to that question about a diet for fat loss is a resounding, “Sort of.”

It’s difficult to target just one element of the body when you want to lose some excess weight. The fact that you are searching for “diet for fat loss” would seem to indicate that you recognize that losing weight and losing fat can be different things. Most people just lump the two together and if they aren’t careful when they undertake a weight loss program they might lose some fat – and some muscle too.

Generally, we don’t want to metabolize lean muscle but that can happen even if the intent is a diet for fat loss.

What many will find surprising is that one of the best ways to lose fat is by building lean muscle. Toned muscles burn more calories even at rest than do flaccid muscles. Consequently, if you want to lose fat you really need to add some strength training to your diet and exercise routine.

You don’t have to try to become a body builder but you definitely need to get toned in your quest to get lean. Just a few minutes a day of weight or resistance training is enough to make a difference and enhance your efforts to metabolize stored body fat.

If you can, join a gym – many gym memberships have become seriously inexpensive – I pay $10 a month for mine and it gives me access to a huge range of strength equipment – free weights and weight machines – as well as all sorts of cardio equipment – treadmills, ellipticals, rowing machines and stair climbers.

If a gym membership is not an option; or if you don’t like the idea of working out in front of other people; any of the “big box” stores or sporting goods stores carry inexpensive weight equipment – just a couple of dumbbells is all you really need.

(Read about the importance of strength training for weight loss here.)

Aside from that you can always just do push ups or other types of exercise that will pit your muscles against your own body weight; that is effective; it works.

Another thing to mention is that a diet for fat loss should include; well; plenty of fat. Just like with carbohydrates there are good fats and bad fats. The trick is to take in plenty of one while limiting the other. The fact is that the body is programmed to maintain; not to lose – if you severely restrict your fat intake; your body will respond by trying to conserve fat.

You also need to be sure that you are getting enough protein in your diet – most Americans do, meaning that protein supplements probably are not needed. But do get enough; protein is the building block of lean muscle and building lean muscle is a key element in any diet for fat loss.

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