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I’m frequently asked to talk about new diet programs and identify them as diets that work or as diets that will not work.

As I’ve said before the one certain thing that has to happen in order to lose weight is that whatever program you use; it must create a “negative calorie balance” – you have to burn more calories than you take in – any diets that work must achieve that.

Now that we have that inconvenient truth out of the way; let’s talk about some other aspects of diets that work and why they work – beyond the mere physiology of their effectiveness.

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I’m going to get into several things here; if you aren’t interested in all of that and you just want to see some easy diet plans – diets that work – click here now – but I encourage you to read on and learn a little about why we gain weight and why it can be so hard to lose.

Firstly; we gain weight when we consume more calories than we expend. This can be as simple as just eating too much; or it can be more complex – eating the wrong types of food; at the wrong times. And then there is the double weight gain whammy of doing both at the same time.

Furthermore; to complicate matters; the body is programmed to maintain weight not to lose it. Once you have put on a few extra pounds the body will pretty much try to hang onto them; even to the point of slowing down your metabolism when you undertake a weight loss program.

That is what we have to overcome in order to lose weight; and we can overcome it.

Diets that work typically share these common characteristics:

  • They are not hard to follow and stick with.

  • They deliver quick, measurable results that keep you motivated.

  • They are not too restrictive – you can still enjoy your favorite foods in moderation.

  • They don’t leave you feeling hungry or deprived.

  • They don’t have you focus on just one food group to the exclusion of all others.

Weight loss can come in several forms; just taking off weight can mean that you are losing fat; or if you aren’t careful about what you eat you can lose muscle too. Diets that work are designed to prevent the loss of lean muscle while promoting the burning of fat.

We want to focus on fat loss and avoid muscle loss. Lean muscle burns more calories even at rest than do muscles that are not toned; for that reason exercise should be incorporated into your weight loss plan. It’s not completely necessary with every plan; but it will increase the effectiveness of any weight loss program; besides that – it’s just good for you and it is necessary if you want to gain total health for a lifetime rather than just lose a few pounds for the short term.

On the following pages; we’ll talk about some specific diets that work. Diets, like most clothes are not “one size fits all”; different weight loss plans work differently for various people.

Please read on; but if you are anxious to see a superb diet plan that yields quick results and which focuses upon fat loss while building lean muscle; check this out:

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It’s pretty much an ultimate fat burning routine.

The “down side” to this one for some people is that a little bit of daily exercise – just 20 minutes or so – is key to the success of the plan. If you don’t care for that even though it is good for you; then I encourage you to just jump right to the next page where I’ll cover some other plans that don’t require exercise but which still offer steady results.

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