Easiest Way To Lose Weight

Fast, measurable results

The easiest way to lose weight really isn’t a secret any more.

The easiest way to lose weight is to find a weight loss plan that isn’t too hard to follow and stick with. By following a plan that doesn’t make you feel hungry or deprived, you are more likely to have long term success.

Many weight loss programs are too restrictive in terms of the foods you are allowed to eat, often times requiring you to completely give up some of your favorite foods; and that opens the door to “caving in” during a weak moment; and blowing a week’s worth of dieting in a few minutes time.

Also, the easiest way to lose weight is by following a weight loss plan that produces quick, measurable results – this allows you to actually see your progress, and that helps to keep your motivation high and your resolve strong.

Many diets fail for a simple reason – they are hard to follow, and they are not structured around the known facts of how the body responds to dieting.

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The “fat burning furnace” within us is called the “metabolism”. The metabolism controls the rate at which we burn calories, and that determines which calories are burned as fuel; and which are stored as fat.

When we diet, the metabolism quickly recognizes that we are reducing our caloric intake, and it causes the body to burn calories at a slower rate in order to conserve weight.

Just by trying to lose weight, the body responds by trying to maintain weight.

The body is programmed to maintain; not to lose; and it is programmed to protect itself. It perceives the reduction in calories as a threat of starvation, so the metabolism slows down the rate at which calories are burned.

Another example of this “self preservation” response – stand outside on a cold day, and before long, you will start to shiver; your teeth might even start to chatter – that is your body trying to protect itself from freezing; just as it will try to protect itself from starving.

That is why diets have always been so hard and so prone to failure.

Today, the easiest way to lose weight is to use a diet program that is built – from the ground up – around the known facts of how the body responds to dieting.

A weight loss plan like that has many advantages over more traditional diets:

  • No calorie counting

  • Eating frequently to avoid hunger

  • Favorite foods can be enjoyed in moderation

  • Fast, measurable results that you can see

  • An automatic meal plan generator that creates your daily plan

  • Provides fast food choices for when you have to eat “on the run”

  • Runs in cycles so that actually have “time off” from the program

I bet that you are starting to see the advantages of a diet designed around the known medical facts of how the body responds to dieting, rather than following a diet based on calorie restrictions, or one that requires you to eliminate almost an entire food group (carbs) from your diet.

The easiest way to lose weight should be a little more clear now that you know why weight loss has always been so difficult.

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