Easy Diets Do Exist

easy diets do exist

Easy Diets Don’t Fail

Many people scoff at the idea of easy diets.

We been told forever that weight loss is hard and that easy diets can’t exist. If you follow the “conventional” wisdom of weight loss; then that is largely true; because the “conventional” wisdom is centered around outdated notions of how weight gain; and weight loss; actually works.

The core principles of the conventional wisdom are true – we gain weight when we consume more calories than we burn as energy, and we lose weight when we do the opposite.

That will be forever true.

What has changed is that we now recognize how the metabolism works, and how to shift our eating habits so that we can avoid the dreaded metabolic slowdown that has always made weight loss hard; and which created the perception that there are no easy diets.

The metabolism regulates the way in which our bodies burn calories. What is more; it implements those regulations based upon what it expects to receive. In other words, if you normally eat 2000 calories a day, your body regulates your metabolism to burn 2000 calories per day; in order to maintain weight. The body is programmed to maintain – not to lose.

Consequently, if you reduce your daily calorie intake in a effort to lose weight; your body perceives that reduction as a threat of starvation; and it slows the metabolism in order to conserve weight.

By trying to lose weight; our bodies respond by trying to conserve weight; and that is why there has never been any easy diets; and why weight loss has always been so hard.

Easy diets are diets that; naturally; are easy to follow and stick with.

(Fastest way to burn fat?)

Easy diets are diets that are not too restrictive in terms of what we can eat.

Easy diets allow us to eat enough to feel satisfied, rather than deprived.

Easy diets allow for “time off” when we can enjoy whatever we want without throwing away the results of days worth of discipline.

Easy diets yield quick and measurable results that keep motivation high.

Easy diets make planning and preparing meals quick and easy, and easy diets also offer us options for dining out, our if we have to grab a meal on the run.

Isn’y it time for you to find your easy diet?

Easy diets do exist – they are built upon the known facts of how our bodies respond to weight loss programs; they are designed to keep the metabolism in high gear, unlike conventional diets that are designed only upon the weight reduction theory of “eat less, move more.”

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