How To Gain Weight-How To Increase Weight

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Gain Weight-How To Increase Weight

Gain Weight-How To Increase Weight

Are you one of the many people looking for information on how to gain weight-how to increase weight?

With all of the focus and attention being paid to methods of losing weight; it is easy to lose sight of the fact that a lot of people have the opposite problem – they need to know how to gain weight–how to increase weight; and their problem is just as real and just as serious as the opposite one. Generally speaking; being underweight does not pose the real and immediate threats to health that even a few pounds of excess weight does cause; but there are a whole host of negative aspects to being significantly underweight.

You might want to know how to gain weight – how to increase weight for any number of reasons; the most common ones being an improved self image for adults; and for younger people the motivation is frequently the need to “bulk up” in order to enhance performance while participating in sports.

No matter what your reasons for wanting to know how to gain weight; you might be surprised to learn that a diet for gaining weight doesn’t differ that much from a diet designed to help you lose weight – it is still a healthy diet that has you partaking of all of the food groups – just more of it (food) and more often.

On this page I will discuss just a few tips concerning how to gain weight-how to increase weight; on the pages that follow I’ll discuss each of them in greater detail.

One of the first things you will need to do is make adjustments to your diet; more specifically your intake of calories. Just as weight loss will not happen without creating a negative calorie balance; weight gain will not happen without creating a positive calorie balance – taking in more calories than you expend as fuel.

That said, you don’t want to just eat everything in sight at every opportunity; you still want to keep it healthy and gain weight without overloading on saturated fats or salty foods that can be detrimental to your heart health, your blood pressure and your cholesterol levels.

(See some nutrition guidelines here.)

Probably the best way to gain weight-how to increase weight is by building lean muscle mass. Toned muscles are heavier than fat; they look more appealing too. Toned muscles burn more calories even at rest than do flaccid muscles; and that helps you to metabolize fat and maintain a lean physique as you increase your body mass and your weight. This is the best and fastest way to gain weight-how to increase weight.

Building lean muscle mass does require some exercise – strength or resistance training – in some ways gaining weight and increasing muscle mass can require more discipline and effort than does weight loss.

There are numerous supplements designed to help you gain weight; many of those are just high calorie shakes, mixes or compounds that you add to your food. There is nothing wrong with augmenting your diet with weight gainer supplements but I encourage you to build your weight gaining program around nutritious, calorie dense foods and just use supplements “as needed”; such as when you don’t have time for a meal and need a meal replacement to keep your calorie intake where it needs to be.

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