How Can I Lose Weight?

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Burn Fat; Lose Weight

Have you ever asked yourself, “How can I lose weight?”

Well, the short and sweet answer is that you have to burn more calories than you consume.

That’s not the answer that a lot of people are hoping to find – they want a “magic pill” or a simple, “super” diet plan that will just make the pounds melt away and leave them with the lean body they desire; effortlessly; of course.

Unfortunately, the answer to How can I lose weight isn’t quite as simple as that. The reality of making it happen does take some effort and even a little bit of discipline.

The bright news is that now; because we understand what causes weight gain and weight loss; effective diet plans are available that can be successfully used by just about anyone.

“How can I lose weight” isn’t so much the question these days; it’s more a matter of, “Which diet plan will better help me to lose weight?”

(See some basic weight loss tips from Web MD here.)

There are all sorts of different plans out there – and they do work – but I happen to believe that weight loss should not be the ultimate, end result of a diet plan. The ultimate result should be better health and a longer life, full of energy, stamina and vigor; well past the time in life when so many people just accept the notion that getting older means getting old; that they can’t do the things they used to do and continue being active and vital well into older age.

My take on things requires a “three pronged” approach:

  1. You have to adopt a healthy diet as the basis of losing weight and improving your health.

  2. You have to become more physically active to build upon that bedrock of diet.

  3. You must stay mentally and psychologically agile too – the mind and the emotions are the driving force behind everything that we want and care to do.

Achieving and maintaining a healthy weight is a matter of making good choices – eating lots of what is good for you and not so much of those things that are not.

Did you know that some foods actually contribute to premature aging? Even some foods that are considered “healthy” can wreck a weight loss plan and fail to promote your overall health.

(These four foods actually ACCELERATE aging!)

Being physically active is a major part of total health. Eating right only goes so far; we have to make time each day for some exercise; even just some moderate walking, cycling or swimming is enough to help speed weight loss and improve your physical health.

And then there is the mind – our psyche – we have to constantly renew our perspectives and refresh our perceptions in order to maintain mental and emotional strength; creating in us the desire to embrace and enjoy each new day.

So the question, How can I lose weight actually not only has specific answers; it begs more questions about your total quality of life and your total health.

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how can I lose weight

Burn fat; lose weight

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