Stop Drinking Lose Weight

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Stop Drinking, Lose Weight

Stop drinking, lose weight?

That question comes up more frequently than you might imagine; and the reality is that giving up alcohol can lead to some pretty impressive weight loss rewards. If you drink much at all you can stop drinking, lose weight and not make too many other lifestyle changes to make that happen.

There are at least a couple of things going on here that allow you to stop drinking, lose weight.

Alcohol is just empty calories – you get absolutely no nutritional value from drinking it; it just adds calories that have to be burned off in order to keep them from turning into stored body fat.

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On top of that, alcohol is a depressant; when you drink you are less likely to feel like getting up and moving around; much less getting some actual exercise. My one personal exception to that statement is that I used to fix a drink, put it in the freezer and go take a sip in between sets with the weights in my home gym, 😉 .

Besides that, drinking too much alcohol isn’t good for you even if you don’t need to lose weight. But if you do have that need then you should consider the possibility that you could stop drinking, lose weight.

Excess alcohol consumption can cause a lot more health problems than just impeding weight loss; it is one of the primary causes of morbid diseases; has wrecked a lot of relationships and careers and has led many people to an early grave.

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Stop Drinking, Lose Weight

Don’t get me wrong; I have nothing against drinking in moderation – it took me quite some time to get a handle on that “moderation” part – but if you are serious about weight loss and improving your total health then should should certainly consider the fact that you can stop drinking, lose weight.

If you have any issues with alcohol consumption; I encourage you to seek the advice and help of your health care professional; there is a lot more at stake than just weight loss even though the focus of this article is to stop drinking, lose weight.

Are you ready to stop drinking, lose weight? Are you ready to promote and regain your total health?

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