Weight Lose

Weight Lose

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Weight lose – lose weight; it doesn’t matter how you say it; it means the same thing and you are looking for an effective method for doing just that.

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Weight lose (as I choose to call it) is almost like the “Holy Grail” of online searches – everybody would love to find it; but it is elusive; an impossible quest – or is it?

Finding a diet plan that works and creates a situation in which you can safely, quickly and effectively lose weight (weight lose) – and keep it off – is a little easier today because science now understands the causes of weight gain and the factors that make losing weight so difficult.

It all boils down to a simple reality that rears it’s very ugly head every time someone tries to lose weight – metabolic slowdown – and it works like this:

You start a weight loss program and everything seems O.K. For a few days or a couple of weeks; you see a little progress; then – WHAM! – you hit the wall and the progress comes to a screeching halt!

What happened!!!???

Metabolic slowdown happened; here is what it is and here is why it happens:

The metabolism is the “regulator” within us that determines how fast (and how many) calories we burn. Burning calories is mandatory for losing weight (weight lose). The problem here is caused by the fact that the body is programmed to maintain weight; not to lose weight. The very act of trying to lose weight causes the body to “think” that it is in danger of starvation; so what does it do? It slows the metabolism in order to conserve calories and maintain weight, and that spells “game over” for most people on most weight loss programs. Those programs are not designed around the known facts of what makes losing weight so hard; so they fail more often than not.

Now for the important part – what can we do about it?

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We can chose a weight lose (lose weight) plan that is designed with metabolic slowdown in mind and which employs tactics that prevent; or for some people; greatly minimizes the degree to which the metabolic rate changes and makes weight loss harder than it has to be. By choosing such a weight loss (weight lose) plan you can keep your fat burning furnace set to “high” and keep the pounds melting away.

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