Weight Loss Exercise

Weight Loss Exercise

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Weight Loss Exercise

Weight loss is greatly enhanced by exercise.

Weight loss exercise is the second most important thing you can do in terms of weight management; right after adopting more healthy eating habits.

(See what Web MD has to say about that – click here)

Weight loss exercise brings about numerous changes in not just the body but in the mind and emotions and perspectives too.

Did you know that toned muscles burn more calories even at rest than do muscles that are not well conditioned?

When I mention weight loss exercise a lot of people think that means that they will have to embark on some strenuous and time consuming training regimen; but nothing could be farther from the truth. All it really takes is a few minutes a day of physical activity to increase your metabolic rate and get your body started burning calories at a higher rate than it would have without trying to do some weight loss exercise.

Now that said, obviously more is better; but we’re still not talking about competing in any Iron Man competitions. The quickest, easiest and most readily available (for most of us) weight loss exercise that we can do is walking. Just head out into the neighborhood or go to a nearby track and spend a few minutes walking each day. If you live in an apartment complex then the parking lot and the sidewalks make an excellent place to walk. If it’s a multilevel building; try the stairs. You’ll get the most benefit by setting as quick a pace as you can; but the goal and the whole idea is just to spend some time up and moving when you might not have done so otherwise.

One of the best weight loss exercises we can do is swimming. Swimming engages almost every muscle group in the body at the same time and it can really ramp up your calorie burning furnace. Most of us don’t have swimming pools at home; but maybe you have access to a local YWCA or YMCA; or maybe your city has a public facility where you could swim. Some high high schools, Junior Colleges and Universities do as well.

Studies show that just thirty minutes per day of exercise is enough to not just help you lose weight but to improve your heart health too. After about forty minutes, depending upon your level of exertion; your body has depleted all of it’s glucose and glycogen reserves and it starts burning fat as fuel. This knowledge is one of the things that always motivates me to go an extra lap at the track or do a few more minutes of whatever weight loss exercise I’m doing.

I mentioned before about toned muscles burning more calories even at rest – weight training or strength training is really important in the big scheme of things when it comes to rapid and sustained weight loss. A lot of people don’t realize that. Plus, weight training has benefits that go far beyond just helping you lose weight – you increase your strength and bone density and you strengthen your core muscles, and that helps to prevent injuries due to exertion.

Now if you just don’t have time, energy or the physical ability to spend a few minutes each day doing weight loss exercise; there are weight loss programs that can still help you lose weight fairly quickly.

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But any and every diet\weight loss program will be more effective if you add just a few minutes per day of exercise to your efforts.

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