Weight Loss Facts

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Weight Loss Facts

Weight loss and how to lose weight really isn’t a complicated matter – you consume more calories than you burn; you gain weight, you burn more calories than you consume; you lose weight.

Those are the simple weight loss facts.

One of the reasons that weight loss has always seemed so hard is that common weight loss plans did not take into account the way in which our bodies respond to dieting.

Understand this – the body is designed to maintain weight – it is not designed to lose weight.

Consequently; it adjusts to what it is given and it expects to continue getting it.

In fact, the very act of reducing calories and starting an exercise program to ramp up the metabolism in order to lose weight causes the body to go into a “self-preservation” mode – it perceives these changes as a threat of starvation and it responds by slowing the metabolism in order to conserve calories.

Those weight loss facts make it pretty easy to see why trying to lose weight can be so frustrating.

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If you think the idea of the body “taking over” and bypassing your brain and your will and desire is a farfetched thought; consider this: When you are outside on a cold day it won’t be long before you start to shiver and your teeth begin to chatter. Why? Your body recognizes that it is in danger of freezing so it takes over to protect itself. It will take over to protect itself from starving too; and that is what has always made an easy diet seem out of reach and why trying to lose weight has always been so hard.

That’s right – trying to lose weight creates an involuntary physical response causing the body to try to maintain weight – now you can see why diets have always seemed so difficult and why the idea of an easy diet seemed like a fantasy.

But science has conquered weight loss; so now it is up to you to use what we know and apply it to your own weight loss needs and goals.

Those are the weight loss facts.

On the pages and in the posts on this site you will find everything you need to know about the science of weight loss and how to use that knowledge to achieve your goals.

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